The Moncream Company is the first national private entity which has been conducting activities on scientific researches, manufacturing, and trade of beauty products in Mongolian and has produced over 30 types of brand products such as White night, Pearl, Spark, Silver blossom, Golden Blossom, Narangoo and Tana toothpaste and Thyme shampoo. Its “Nettle” hair-caring brand recognized the company not only in Mongolia but also in the world countries, which was manufactured as a result of the long-lasting experiments, surveys, and laboratory works of the company. The company has developed and verified the first standard for beauty products and manufactures in Mongolia. Therefore, the company has introduced the standards in the factory.

The Moncream Company has been regularly renovating its techniques and technologies and only respecting the quality of products. The mission of the Moncream Company is to manufacture natural and organic products which are suitable for human health, skin, and hair and to develop the new technologies to the future.

The company is hiring a skilled scientist’s team.
Therefore, the company operates “Nettle” hair salons.
The company has been manufacturing its brands under international standards using raw materials in the home country.

The main objective of Moncream Company is to make sure that all products are strictly based on natural and organic standards and have developed world-class technology.

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