Based on the scientific works, the Moncream Company has opened the “Nettle” Haircare, and therapeutic salon in 2013 to completely solve hair and scalp problems and currently has been operating two branches. As a result that we diagnosed hair loss, calvity, and damages and provided appropriate therapy, hair becomes healthy, grows intensively, and stops the calvity. Therefore, we provide unpaid diagnoses and consulting services.

  1. Deep cleanse
  2. Deep nutrition
  3. Deep cleanse and mask
  4. Deep cleanse and nourishing oil
  5. Hair curcumin treatment
  6. Anti-dandruff therapy
  7. “Black hair” therapy against grey hair
  1. Children’s SPA therapy
  2. Dermatologist’s examination
  3. Hair element analysis /21 elements/
  4. Hair sampling
  5. Hair tests
  6. Meeting with an individual, delivering test report and counseling service /30 minutes/

The “Nettle” salon provided qualified professional services to our clients and opens daily between 09:00 and 20:00 on business days and between 10:00 and 20:00 on weekends.

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