The founder of the “Moncream” Company is Mrs. Uranchimeg.E, Ph.D. of Chemical Sciences who called as Doctor Una, graduated from University of Chemistry & Technology on Prague of the Czech Republic in 1984 as Chemistry & Technologist and defended Doctor of Chemical Science in 2006. It was the first degree on Doctor of Education in the cosmetic scientific and manufacturing sector of the home country. She founded the “Moncream” company in 1989, started to search ram materials from medicinal herbs of Mongolia according to her profession and she selected the “Nettle” as the core raw material because of its precious minerals, nutrients, and vitamins. Finally, she discovered that baby nettle was more efficient, designated as the primary raw material of the product and called its hair care products as “Nettle”.

Since its inception in the market, it has shown great successes and won numerous awards and became the first cosmetics producer and exporter. In 1997, the “Nettle” shampoo exported to Japan under the license of the Ministry of Health of Japan. Under the product quality and technological innovation, a study of changes in hair as a result of using “Nettle” product, was done at the Chemical Institution of the Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences and the National University of Mongolia. The result of the study found that the scalp was completely cleared, the density of hair was increased by 17.3%, and the hair volume was 16.7% and the growth rate of hair increased by 27.3% than biological growth.

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