Based on the company’s previous experiences that produced “Chick” children’s hair and body care products in 1994, the Moncream Company has initiated and produced “Maalai Mooloi” children’s hair and body caring organic set in 2018 as a result of regular research work over 20 years.

The meaning of the name “Maalai Mooloi”: It is a name which symbolized the fantastic event that twins of bear-cub were born in the Gobi of Mongolian when the Gobi bears became scared and listed in the World Red Book. The company selected the organic raw materials, which provided the requirements of the Food standards, strictly complied with ethical disciplines and produced this product for daily use of babies’ healthy life.

The company also produces cans for our products and pack them in the sterilized environment. The cans are made of Pet 1 raw materials which provided requirements of the Food standards. \380 ml package.\

Mark of the “Malai Mooloi” product includes:

  1. The sign ‘Paraben free’ means: It is a sign which does not contain hazardous substances which may cause chemicals and cancer.
  2. The sign ‘Hypoallergenic’ means: It is a sign which does not cause any allergy. (or no allergy)
  3. The sign of ‘Oil-free’ means a symbol that has no petroleum and chemical raw materials.

The “Maalai Mooloi” brand is being highly appreciated by doctors and scientists of the National Dermatology Center of Mongolian. Therefore, it was awarded by “Top Brand” cup and certificate by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry and Mongolian National Chamber of Trade and Commerce.

Feature of the brand:

  1. Allergy test was done
  2. Suitable for children’s skin and scalp feature
  3. Organic ingredients
  4. Does not cause a sore in children’s eyes
  5. Natural product without any additional color and odor
  6. Mongolian people made Packages, ingredients, and compounds
  7. Two products are included in one pack (or 2 in 1) \shampoo and body wash\, \facial and body cream\

Each set is accompanied by “Maalai Mooloi” gift bag. The company is appealing you for avoiding chemical products in beauty uses of our babies and children who identify our bright future.

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